Bringing a tear to their eyes! Heidi and Marc D’Amelio are “proud” of how daughters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are able to keep showing themselves in an “authentic way” amid their whirlwind fame, they exclusively tell Life & Style in a video interview.

“We did say early on when we were talking to different companies like, ‘Are you sure?’ We didn’t really think we would be interesting,” Marc, 53, explains of his family while promoting season 2 of The D’Amelio Show on Hulu. “As parents we get to hear from other people saying, ‘What your daughters did’ — whether it’s talking about anxiety, and all the things that they’ve done, that they’ve brought out into the public eye. If that’s the only thing the show gives, it’s great for us and we’re very, I’m very proud of them.”

While season 1 mostly focused on how the girls were coping with their rise to fame, the second go-around have the parents in the spotlight at some points through the show. Fans can expect both Heidi, 50, and Marc show off their vulnerable sides.

“I don’t like to do that because I’d rather keep those emotions under wraps, but it was very real and happening in the moment when we were filming,” the mother of two tells Life & Style, referring to the loss of her mom who passed earlier this year. “Obviously, everybody could relate to losing someone for the most part. We’re just a regular family and that’s just unfortunately a part of life, and there wasn’t a question on whether or not that would be in it. Also, I want people to know about my mom. She was great and so to have that moment to share a little bit about her was really important.”

Heidi and Marc D’Amelio Are ‘Proud’ of Charli and Dixie Showing Themselves in an ‘Authentic Way’ Amid Fame
Photo Courtesy of Hulu

Dixie, 21, chimes in, noting that real-life moments like losing a family member “takes you back to reality a little bit.” She explains, “When we’re doing all this stuff, it’s moving so fast, and we obviously still talk to our family every day … but when everything stops and you have to deal with something like that, it’s like, who cares about a dumb comment? This is real life and this is someone like we care about. … It’s just kind of brings you back and really makes you remember what’s important.”

Fans will also see Marc, for his part, get a bit emotional after Charli, 18, decides to move out of their house and in with Dixie.

“I think for a lot of parents, it’s gradual right? The kids go, go away to college and then they come back,” he shares. “This was sudden. … It hit me pretty hard.”

But overall, the D’Amelio family members are each other’s biggest support systems. “Dixie’s gotten me through some times,” Charli shares, grabbing her sister’s hand. “I’m always here for her.”

The first two episodes of The D’Amelio Show season 2 are now streaming via Hulu with new episodes premiering every Wednesday.