HIDE: Your New Secret Weapon Against Unwanted Blemishes

Here’s the truth: blemishes happen.

You can be doing everything right in your skincare routine and still wake up to an unwanted visitor on your face. Our skin — especially the skin on our faces — is temperamental at best.

Naturally, many of these blemishes pop up when we least want them around, like right before a big event, meeting, or first date. If you’ve ever known the pain of waking up with a pimple riiiiight before a wedding weekend, you know what we’re talking about. It’s like your face knows there will be a lot of cameras and is staging a little protest. Not cool. 

In moments like these, we often turn to our trusty BFF concealer. Concealers can’t cover everything, but they can help make things a little less visible… Right?

Well, what if concealers could hide just about everything? What if there was a concealer that could make unwanted blemishes and marks disappear?

Okay, this is the exciting part. This is when we get to tell you about HIDE.

HIDE is our new favorite cosmetics company. They’ve totally revolutionized the formula behind foundations and concealers, developing something game-changing that can take the stress out of waking up to a new breakout.

Seriously, this stuff covers everything.

Keep reading to learn why we (and everyone else) are obsessed with HIDE’s foundations and concealers, then check them out for yourself!

The Formula We’ve All Been Waiting For

It’s 2022. Foundations and concealers should actually, well, HIDE the stuff we want them to hide. Is it too much to ask for these base layers to cover up imperfections and stay on our faces without caking, settling, or getting ultra-oily?

Thanks to HIDE, we’re getting everything we wished for and more.

Fully Covers, Without the Weight

HIDE’s formulas are designed for maximum coverage without feeling heavy.

Their concealer is full coverage and no joke. Available in twenty shades, the concealer comes in super cute packaging with a tip applicator. A little bit goes a long way, but the concealer is also buildable for your most stubborn blemishes — more on that later. 

On the other hand, HIDE’s foundation is more of a medium coverage formula. It’s water-based and easily stands up against layering and blending. You can let your natural skin shine through or go full glam. That’s something not many other foundations can say.

Together, these foundations and concealers really make for a dream duo.

HIDE: Your New Secret Weapon Against Unwanted Blemishes

Feels Just Like Skin

We love that HIDE’s formula goes on light and feels just like skin. We’ve had moments where we’ve actually forgotten we were wearing makeup — that’s how comfortable and smooth HIDE’s products are.

You can use setting powder, but there’s really no need. HIDE’s foundations and concealers settle immediately and don’t feel like paint: No cakiness. No oiliness. Just your skin. 

Well, your skin sliiiightly improved.  

Moisturizing and Hydrating All Day Wear

On that note, we’re also obsessed with how HIDE’s foundations and concealers moisturize our skin throughout the day. This stuff is so gentle and hydrating, you have to feel it to believe it.

We can take off HIDE after twelve hours of wear, and our faces feel refreshed and healthy — not dry and irritated. For people with sensitive skin, HIDE’s water-based formula might just provide the glow you’ve been looking for far and wide.

We don’t know what the scientists put into HIDE’s foundations and concealers, but this formula is officially our favorite daily go-to. One thing we do know for sure is that HIDE is committed to vegan ingredients and never tests on animals. How cool is that?

HIDE Can Cover Anything

We found HIDE on IG through an insane video of someone covering up a tattoo using their hydrating full-coverage concealer. We figured if HIDE could cover that, it could handle a blemish or two (or three).

Boy, were we right. HIDE’s concealer is unmatched at reducing the appearance of just about anything you’d want to cover up. We’ll break it down.

Unwanted Blemishes

We’ve all been there. Whether you woke up to a gnarly zit, you’re recovering from a breakout, or you regularly deal with acne scarring, concealer is there for us when our skincare routine fails us.

Blemishes are a natural part of life, but some days, you want to step out into the world looking like you’ve been IRL FaceTuned. HIDE can help you diminish the appearance of blemishes so you can enter any situation with full confidence. 

After all, that’s really the point of makeup, right? To help us feel like our best, most fabulous selves?

Unwanted Discoloration

Pimples and breakouts aren’t the only things we may want to cover on our faces from time to time. There’s a whole slew of other unwanted spots HIDE’s foundations and concealers can blur or make disappear like magic.

Rosacea, dark spots, eye bags, pigmentation: HIDE can handle it all.

Unwanted Permanent Marks

As we mentioned before, HIDE’s formula is so powerful that it can even cover tattoos. We love tattoos here, and we think they’re super cool. Still, we can understand why there might be a situation where you’d want to draw less attention to them, whether it’s an acting gig or a dinner with grandma.

No matter the situation, a few layers of HIDE’s concealer will do the trick. Honestly, there’s really no limit to what HIDE can cover up. Whoever named this brand was spot on: HIDE’s biggest strength is its ability to disguise any unwanted blemish, mark, or discoloration.

See how HIDE can work for your skin by shopping their Dream Duo today. 

It’s No Secret Why the Internet Is Raving About HIDE

Clearly, we’re HIDE superfans, and we’re proud to be a small part of the massive community that has rallied around this brand.

HIDE has skyrocketed to success based on raving word-of-mouth reviews from regular people like you and me. So many people with so many different skin types have tried and loved HIDE. It’s times like these where we really appreciate the internet. 

Instagram Is Buzzing

You can see the difference a face of HIDE products makes on their Instagram feed. Every day the brand posts before and after photos, makeup tutorials, and glam pics from their many happy customers.

It’s one of our favorite destinations to get inspiration and learn how to apply makeup better.

The makeup community on Instagram is — no exaggeration — obsessed with HIDE’s foundations and concealers. No one else is pairing that soft and dewy glow with mind-blowing coverage quite like HIDE. 

Follow HIDE’s IG account here, and join the fun!

The Reviews Speak for Themselves

We could go on and on about how much we love HIDE (and we will — just ask our friends), but the proof is really written all over their website and social media mentions.

The brand has thousands of five-star reviews from people who are officially going all-in, tossing out their old products and opting to use HIDE instead. 

Here are a few recent reviews to give you a sense of just how much people love these formulas: 

  • “​​I absolutely love this foundation!! It literally conceals everything!” – Shelby
  • “I’ve never found a concealer that actually worked until I tried Hide. I can’t believe how fabulous it makes me feel” – Hanan
  • “This is a great concealer!! Super lightweight, but gives tons of coverage. I have dryer skin, and it left me looking moisturized. That is everything! It also lasted great all day. No movement or separation.” – Brittany

Flawless skin without breaking the bank. Now that’s what we like to hear. 

Want To Join the HIDE Fan Club?

Ready to give HIDE a shot and see if you can match these fabulous results? We think that’s a fantastic idea.

If you’re unsure of which shade you should try, you can also take HIDE’s shade quiz to get a better understanding of your undertones and how to buy makeup that’s perfect for you.

Take the shade quiz here, and get ready to join the HIDE fan club. Don’t worry; we’ll introduce you to everyone. 

HIDE Is Our New Go-To for Covering Blemishes

We’re pretty skeptical when it comes to new makeup brands. We always go deep on the reviews and watch all the YouTube breakdowns because we’ve been burned one too many times before.

Make no mistake: HIDE is the real deal.

Its lightweight formula is ultra-buildable, full coverage, and goes on just like skin — smooth, soft, and hydrated skin, that is. If you’re in the market for a new foundation or concealer, we believe you’ve just found it.

What are you waiting for? Give HIDE a try today!