New show, who dis? This time around American Idol is changing it up — even when it comes to the voting. Viewers can start casting their votes for their favorite contestant before they even take the stage. Host Ryan Seacrest opens each show urging fans to start casting their votes right away. So, how many times can you vote?

According to ABC, you can submit up to 10 votes per contestant per voting method. This means you can vote for Caleb Lee Hutchinson 10 times on, 10 times for Jurnee on the American Idol app, which you can download on iOS and Android devices, and 10 times for Cade Foehner via text. Or you can use all 30 of your votes for Michael J. Woodward.

american idol reboot

Whatever you decide, voting is open until the last commercial break. Texting is as simple as submitting your favorite singer’s number to “21523.” Just remember you must be at least 13 years old — and voting is only open to residents of the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. (Sorry Canada.) Also, keep in mind that when you vote online or on the app, you can switch up your votes for the Top 10 until the window closes.

Fans were definitely divided over the new voting rules. “Why are some of you voting already??? The shows not even over,” one viewer tweeted. Another added, “You have to be family if you’re voting for anyone yet. Not a good start for American Idol!” Others just couldn’t believe they were voting for the next American Idol! “There is something beautiful about being able to vote for #AmericanIdol again.” Same.

American Idol voting numbers

This week’s voting numbers, which are in the order of the contestants’ performance, are below:

Caleb Lee Hutchinson: text “1”

Catie Turner: text “7”

Cade Foehner: text “8”

Maddie Poppe: text “10”

Jurnee: text “11”

Michael J. Woodward: text “13”

Gabby Barrett: text “14”