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How Tall Is Anna Kendrick? See Photos of the Stunning Actress With Other Stars

Anna Kendrick‘s acting talent is tall in stature, although the star herself is quite petite. Keep reading for more details on the Pitch Perfect star’s height. 

How Tall Is Anna Kendrick?

The Oscar nominee stands at 5-foot-2 inches tall.

What Has Anna Kendrick Said About Her Height?

The Portland, Maine, native says that her huge personality helps make up for her size. “I’ve always had volume on my side, the big-voice-in-a-small-package thing. I surprise people,” Anna told Esquire in May 2015, adding, “I was angsty about my height when I was younger. But I love it now. Why wouldn’t you want to be a little compact being?”

Anna realized that size didn’t matter anymore when it came to dating. “I used to think that guys preferred tall women. But plenty of them like short girls,” she explained, joking, “Tall girls, short girls. Just any girls, you know?”

The Into the Woods star has used her smaller size for cost-cutting while traveling. “I have the advantage of being pretty small, so if I’m flying myself, I’m flying coach. To save the money. I just put in my headphones and it’s no big thing. I keep my head down, wear a hoodie or a hat — but sometimes not even that. I’m small. People miss me,” Anna revealed to the publication.

The starlet revealed that her booming voice coming from such a small body has overshadowed some of her tall male costars, including 6-foot-4 Ben Affleck, whom she starred with in 2016’s The Accountant.

“I just finished this movie with Ben Affleck, a big guy, and when you listen to the playback of a scene with the two of us and it’s his turn to speak, often you can’t hear anything. Nothing. Then, like a knife, you hear my voice, and I’m thinking, Oh my God, of the two of us, how can Affleck be the soft-spoken one? How can I sound so shrill?” Anna shared.

The Love Life star joked about how she grew during the COVID-19 lockdown and how she had now become “A Tall,” which she hilariously pretended to trademark. Anna shared an Instagram photo in March 2021, wearing a sexy short minidress and high heels that made her legs look impossibly long. 

“I’m pleased to announce that during quarantine I grew ten inches and am now officially A Tall™️. (It’s not the camera angle or the shoes. I will not be taking questions.), ” she wrote in the caption, adding, “Sincerely, A Tall.”

Scroll down to see photos of Anna’s costars towering over the actress.