Well, this is confusing. Thanks to Instagram’s new “Ask Me Anything” feature, celebs have been dishing some juicy deets about their personal lives — but Sophia Hutchins had some conflicting messages for fans. The transgender model and graduate of Pepperdine Universityrevealed she’s in a relationship… but rolled her eyes when asked about Caitlyn Jenner!

Someone wrote, “Are you in a relationship?” to which the 22-year-old confessed, “Oh yes!” with a heart-eyes emoji. However, when someone else questioned whether or not Cait was the lucky lady, she simply answered with an eye-roll. Ouch!

Of course, this could mean one of two things: Either Soph is saying, “Duh! Of course, we’re together,” or “No, why would you think that?” If you ask us, though, these two are totally an item.


Since August, the pair has been spotted going out on Chipotle runs and jetting off on tropical vacations. They even attended Kendall’s 22nd birthday party. Yeah… Soph and Kenny are the same age. #Awk.

Unfortunately, the Kar-Jenner clan doesn’t approve of the 68-year-old’s girlfriend. A source told Life & Style exclusively in December that their relationship seems like a sham. “They’ve heard from friends that Caitlyn’s dating Sophia, and it upsets them like you wouldn’t believe.” They added, “She’s their age! They feel a mix of jealousy and distrust about it.”

It doesn’t seem like the former Olympian is a part of his daughters’ lives anymore, though. Sure, Kendall and Kylie each posted about their dad on Father’s Day (Kendall in an Instagram Story) — but Khloé Kardashian most likely won’t even let her meet True.

Still, a separate source told us in May that Caitlyn is holding out hope that one day she will get to meet her granddaughter. “When Cait and Sophia went splurging on gifts for Stormi, they splurged on True too,” our source revealed. “Cait’s got a house full of surprises for True, so you’d think she’d just had a baby herself!” Welp, that’s what happens when you talk s–t about your fam to make a few bucks!