MTV star Farrah Abraham knows “someone amazing … is out there” for her, she exclusively tells Life & Style. At the moment, she’s “waiting and investing in [herself] … I can’t wait.” 

The Teen Mom star “ended [a] relationship” at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States because the person “showed up to go grocery shopping with … no gloves and no mask.” Basically, the “Abraham Gals” podcast host wants to find someone who shares her same passion for cleanliness. 

MTV Star Farrah Abraham With Long Curly Hair and Black Jumpsuit

“I feel if people cannot support my sanitation and safety, I can’t have it around because, like, I am an only parent,” she explains. “This is the only parent Sophia gets. So, I am very real about being mom number one and dating second. So, that person flew out the door … That was that.” 

All in all, the reality babe isn’t looking for love amid the pandemic. “I feel the relationship will not be the same after COVID-19, and it may not even work. So yes, I am just focused on being a mom. I’m grateful for all my dating experiences,” she adds. 

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia on Red Carpet

The Couples Therapy star frequently documents her adventures with her 11-year-old daughter, Sophia Laurent Abraham. The ladies seem to have a blast making TikTok videos and traveling. 

When she does get back out there, her suitor better know how to turn up the romance. “If I don’t get, like, a fabulous first date, I’m not even intrigued to go … I’ve already done that so many years and I am bored of it,” the Celebrity Big Brother star dishes. “I would say that in my lifetime right now, I do not take Zoom dates. I do not waste my time on text messages. I do not entertain any like long video messages I get,” she says. In case you’re wondering, she’s not a fan of responding to random DMs, either.

Surprisingly, Farrah dished she “usually” has long-distance relationships, which gives her “the luxury of getting to know people for months, if not years, before I meet them.” 

We know Farrah has love in her future, but in the meantime, she’s killing it as a single woman!