The debut season of The Golden Bachelor gives Gerry Turner a second chance at love following the death of his late wife, Toni. Even before the premiere on September 28, fans couldn’t help but wonder if he would end the season engaged.

Did Gerry Turner Get Engaged on ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

Gerry did get down on one knee during the finale! He asked finalist Theresa Nist to marry him in a lovely proposal.

What Did Gerry Turner Say About the Contestants on ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

Before his engagement, Gerry previously admitted he developed feelings for many of the women vying for his heart.

“I thought, ‘No, that’s absolutely not possible. That’s silly.’ How wrong I was,” the ABC personality told Us Weekly on Wednesday, September 27. “Because through the course of the journey, I really felt strong feelings for several of the women.”

After he noted that many Bachelor Nation stars have fallen for more than one of their contestants during past seasons, Gerry insisted he wasn’t fully “in love” with several of the women that competed on season 1 of The Golden Bachelor.

“In retrospect, I realized that in that particular moment, whenever it was — the setting was such that, ‘Yeah, it was easy to look at someone and tell ’em that you loved ’em,” the Indiana native said. “But once you get through it all and you look back, then you realize that there is just really one person that really meets the standard in all situations that you want it to be.”

Did Gerry Turner Set Rules for Himself on ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

Gerry revealed to Us Weekly that he set rules for himself going into filming, though admitted he didn’t follow them once his feelings started to develop.

“I had a few rules, but I was breaking them all. That was the problem. So I decided I would stop,” he shared. “[My daughters and granddaughters] were worried that I was going to be that guy that was kissing everybody on the first night. And I said, ‘Nope, I’m not going to kiss anyone on the first night. You’re not going to see that. Maybe not even as we get into it.’ Well, as you’ll see, I failed on the very first night, but I don’t feel bad about it at all.”

Did Gerry Turner Find Love on ‘The Golden Bachelor’? Find Out ​if He Got Engaged

The reality star added that he has “no regrets” about how he handled the physical part of looking for love, including when it came to fantasy suites. “As time went on, many of those kisses were of affection,” he said. “I really wanted to be supportive of all the women. I wanted them to feel good about themselves.”