We know we’ve been down this road before, but hear us out! Fans are speculating that Kaitlyn Bristowe secretly got married to her Bachelorette fiance Shawn Booth, and we have to admit that the evidence is pretty convincing. On May 1, she posted a few Intagram stories where fans spotted that she had another band stacked alongside her massive engagement ring!

Unfortunately, it sounds like it may be yet another false flag. One fan on reddit mentioned that a while back Kaitlyn said that the second ring wasn’t a wedding band, just one of her regular rings that she usually wears on her right hand. She told fans that her right hand was swollen for some reason, so she switched the ring to her left. However, it’s been a while and it’s still there, so maybe there is something she’s not telling us.

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This is far from the first time Kaitlyn has gotten fans wondering about her status. In December, she slid a weird little confession into her Off The Vine podcast with Claudia Oshry, and we seriously couldn’t tell if she’s joking! Reddit sleuths caught the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it confession on Dec. 5, when Kaitlyn laughingly said that she already tied the knot with Shawn already. Listen at the 1:22:45 mark, here.

“I promise, when we have a wedding date you will all know, I will announce it on the podcast, you will never have to question me again,” said Kaitlyn in the last few seconds of her show, after all of her advertisements were done and when she thought no one would notice. Then she dropped the bombshell: “Maybe we are already married because I needed a green card to work on Broadway!” she giggled.

Fans are split as to whether she was joking or being serious, and it’s easy to see why. She was cracking up as she says it, so it could have been a gag, but she was also tipsy (hence the name “Off The Vine”) and gave a weirdly specific reason as to why she would already be married. So did she plan to make the comment to get some publicity, or was it true?

“There’s a tiny, tiny chance that it’s just true but it just doesn’t make sense, logically, and it doesn’t fit with Kaitlyn’s personality. I love her, but the girl loves attention and I don’t see her getting married quietly making just a passing comment about it,” said one fan. Another worried about her, saying “Kaitlyn sometimes says things off the cuff on this show. I hope she would understand that if this is true, saying publicly that you got married to get a green card/stay in the country is technically fraud. If the US government wants to come after you, they can and they won’t care if you have actually been in a relationship for a while.” They seem to think that the ring is a similar cry for attention.

Regardless, it does sound like Kaitlyn has a big ceremony in mind for sometime this year, as she confirmed that she bought not one but two wedding dresses just for the occasion. Plus, she’s clearly got marriage on the brain because she’s been doing wedding shoot after shoot rocking some amazing gowns. It looks like she’s still holding out hope that ABC will give her a special, and we’re totally on board!