She might be trying for baby No. 2 with Kanye West, but in reality, Kim Kardashian can’t stop thinking about her ex-husband, Kris Humphries!

“Kim’s totally hung up on Kris still. Their marriage ended so abruptly that she didn’t give herself any time to actually move on,” a source told ‘Life & Style.’ “She realized now after all this time, she really misses what they once had.”

And apparently, Kim’s emotions got the best of her. The 34-year-old allegedly called the basketball player a few weeks ago and begged him to meet her in person.

“Kim couldn’t stop smiling the entire time,” said an eyewitness. “You could tell she’s still smitten by him.”

kim kardashian kris humphries

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

But the reality star’s happiness might soon go away after her husband finds out about her little meeting. Kim’s been deleting text messages from her phone to ensure Kanye is kept in the dark about Kris — but now it’s only a matter of time before he hears the news.

“She’s petrified of hurting Kanye, but she doesn’t want to ignore her feelings for Kris either,” the source added.

Kim’s changed a lot since her marriage to Kris ended in 2012 and is already thinking about what her future with Kris could be like. Clearly, they had relationship issues in the past but she’s confident this time around will be different. She’s so excited, she even showed North a few photos of the 30-year-old on her iPhone!

“She truly thinks Kris would be a great father figure to her daughter,” the source said. “April Fools.”

Happy April Fool’s Day, y’all!