Live and learn! You won’t catch Lo Bosworth on The Hills reboot because the starlet has her own ~new beginnings~  happening. As a strong advocate for women’s health and a self-proclaimed feminist, she exclusively told Life & Style that those common reality television storylines just don’t jive with her anymore. After her first stint on Laguna Beach followed by six seasons on The Hills, she’s definitely well-educated in the pros and cons of being in front of the camera.

“There’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to programming of that nature,” the 32-year-old admitted. “When I was first on the show, I didn’t have any idea or concept of how a show like that was really made or how you could be portrayed in a light that wasn’t necessarily positive or a true reflection of who you are.”

Lo divulged that her biggest concern was about how the relationships would unravel between the cast members. “As a business owner, particularly a business that’s about empowering women, I felt really hesitant to participate in doing the show because I know that they would pit me against other women and the storylines probably wouldn’t be accurate or based in any truth.” The Love Wellness founder wants to stay true to her values. She noted, “For me, at this stage in my life, especially with what I’m doing, I’m about empowering and supporting women, that would be in direct conflict with who I am and what I’m about.”

Lo Bosworth Lauren Conrad the hills friendship
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That’s not to say she doesn’t have fond memories from filming. “Everybody was really close back in the day. We spent so much time together that, of course, the friendships were genuine,” The Lo-Down author acknowledged. The blonde beauty has lived in New York City for seven years and keeps in touch with a few former castmates but “when you live across the country, it’s definitely more of a challenge.”

These days, Lo puts her energy toward women’s health and educating people about cervical cancer prevention. Shockingly, every two hours, one woman dies from cervical cancer. This “horrifying” fact led the star to partner with We Can Change This STAT. She is encouraging women to make their annual well-woman visit and cervical cancer testing a priority as one of the most important self-care practices they should do. “It’s something that is preventable. It requires women to be their own health advocate. We do that at Love Wellness every day,” Lo explained.

It’s awesome to see how far the former reality star has come!