It looks like someone knows how to have some *serious* fun in the sun! Iskra Lawrence rocked a tiny, floral bikini while riding an inflatable rooster in the ocean. The best part? The model, 28, shared the adorable clip with her fans on Instagram. “Clucking funny,” she captioned the video. Clucking funny, indeed, girl! 

“That’s one wild pecker,” one user commented. “This just made my whole day better,” added another. Of course, fans also took the opportunity to praise Iskra’s rockin’ body. “You look amazing!” someone wrote. “You are such a beautiful girl — not only your face, skin and body, but your character! Your man is lucky. Proud of you! A nice woman with a good heart,” another echoed.

Iskra Lawrence
Courtesy of Aerie

It’s not entirely surprising to see such positive and thoughtful messages from Iskra’s followers. After all, the U.K. native has always made it a point to be 100% transparent with her audience. “It was a combination of so many things. I feel like I needed it for myself in the sense that holding myself to a perfect ideal every single day on social media, it would be so draining and tiring and not good for my mental health as someone who has been through an eating disorder,” Iskra told Life & Style of her decision to be authentic on social media.

“For me, to just be able to be real, it’s just a very healthier, balanced way to live,” she noted, adding, “When I meet people, they don’t have these unrealistic expectations of me. They already have seen the real me, so that for me, is a weight off of my shoulders.”

Iskra’s approach to interacting with fans is such a breath of fresh air! We can’t wait to see more of her fun, summertime content in the weeks to come.

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