It’s important to remember that your body is a temple, and as such, it needs sustenance! Problem is, it can be difficult to find the perfect eating regimen. With that, Life & Style spoke with top model Iskra Lawrence to see what her favorite go-to meals are throughout the day.

“Lately, I’ve just been having a smoothie for breakfast because I’ve been at home and I have all my powders and protein, collagen, spinach and I’m literally going crazy,” the U.K. native, 28, said of her diet. “It gets me excited about the day because I know I’m fueling myself with good stuff.” As for the other two meals of the day? Iskra loves to switch it up. “For lunch, it can be literally anything,” she expressed. “I love Asian food and making my own noodles or stir fry.”

Iskra Lawrence
Courtesy of Aerie

“For dinner, I love going out. It’s so nice getting together with friends and go out for a nice meal,” Iskra gushed. “I live in NYC and there are so many restaurants I want to try. I love the fish at Catch. It’s one of my faves.” It’s refreshing to hear Iskra say that she loves to eat out! After all, when you’re focusing on your health, restaurants can sometimes feel too restrictive.

Of course, the #AerieREAL Role Model also balances her meals with exercise. “I just tried aerial yoga for the first time,” Iskra revealed. “I really recommend it. It was a little bit painful because of the pressure points, but I felt amazing afterwards. You have to try it.” 

Thanks for the tip, girl! Considering just how amazing Iskra looks, we’ll definitely be giving her suggestions a shot and you should, too. 

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