It’s been over a decade since fans met Molly Mesnick (née Malaney) and Melissa Rycroft on Jason Mesnicks season of The Bachelor, and a lot has changed since the season 13 lead pulled the ol’ switcheroo and decided he wanted to leave his winner, Melissa, for his runner-up. While the tough conversation made for one of the most heartbreaking moments in Bachelor history, everything seems to have worked out for the best for both finalists! Read on to see what Molly and Melissa are up to today. 

Are Molly Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft Married Now?

Both Melissa and Molly are happily married following the drama of The Bachelor. Molly ended up marrying Jason during a wedding special that went particularly awry as a hurricane hit mid-vows. Meanwhile, Melissa got back together with her former insurance agent boyfriend, Tye Strickland, who she married the same year she split from Jason. Both couples seem head-over-heels 11 years later.

Do Molly Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft Have Kids?

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Once she married Jason, Molly became the stepmom of his adorable son, Ty, who was featured on the reality show. After getting married, the couple also welcomed a daughter, Riley, in 2013. Melissa and Tye share three children — daughter Ava Grace, born February 16, 2011, son Beckett Thomas, who was born April 20, 2014, and son Cayson Jack, who they welcomed on May 18, 2016.

Are Molly Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft Friends Today?

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Prior to season 13 re-airing as part of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever!, Molly gushed about her fellow finalist on Instagram. “I shared a room with four other ladies, and guess whose bed was right next to mine … Melissa’s!” she revealed. “We spent a lot of time together, and I can tell you, her personality is infectious! She is funny, charismatic, drop-dead gorgeous, and amongst all other things, she’s smart. Things got a little messy in the middle (as we all know and will, unfortunately, be reliving tonight 🙈), but Melissa … she took a crappy situation and turned it into some serious lemonade! DWTS (x’s 2!), a DECADE long career in media & hosting, she married her long-time sweetheart, has 3 beautiful kiddos! Life happens in weird ways, and it doesn’t always look pretty, but I know Melissa will be the first to say that she is exactly where she wants to be. I feel lucky that I got to know Melissa.”

On her end, Melissa has just as much love for Molly and Jason. “I was a little bit angry at him. I just felt like he could’ve given me just a little bit of a heads up,” she previously told Life & Style. “But, the more I’m in the industry, the more time that goes on and the less and less I truly care about it all — it’s not his fault. I think Jason is a great guy. I think he and Molly totally should have been together from the start and yeah, there’s no hard feelings whatsoever.”

Sounds like everything that happened was for the best!