There have always been rumors that The Bachelor franchise is scripted. Adding fuel to the fire is former Bachelorette Jen Schefft, who recently revealed that producers lied about her pick Jerry Ferris’ real job.

Jen, 41, who starred on the show in 2005, was told Jerry was an art gallery director when, in fact, he just worked at an art store in an LA mall. To make matters worse, he was actually an aspiring actor, but producers kept that secret.

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“They said he was this art gallery dealer but he worked at the mall at an art store. At the time he wanted to be an actor, but they didn’t say that because that would make it look like he was on the show for ‘the wrong reason,'” she shared on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast. “I will say he proposed to me again at the After the Final Rose, and I was shocked that that happened because they must have put him up to it. I don’t know.”

She continued, “He misrepresented himself, or they misrepresented him… but it kind of ended with me looking like the bad guy. Things are a lot different than they make things seem to be.” Very interesting…

Jen, who is now married to Joe Waterman and has two daughters, was asked to be the Bachelorette after she called it quits with former Bachelor Andrew Firestone. However, the process proved to be too much for the blonde beauty.

“It was fun but I was definitely in way over my head,” she added. “I didn’t think any of the guys were really all that into me. They all said the right things but it was like, ‘You don’t know me. Why are you telling me you love me within two minutes of meeting me?’ So I had a really hard time with that.”