Jennifer Lopez’s kids miss ​”Jenny From the Block.” The “Let’s Get Sound” singer, 54, opened up about her twins’ thoughts on her new music and admitted Emme and Max prefer her older songs.

J. Lo described playing her two-decade old album, This Is Me … Then, out loud for her teenage children at home one day during a Tuesday, February 13, interview with Variety. “‘Is this you, Mommy?’” Jennifer recalled them asking.

After putting on another one of her classic tracks, Jennifer said she asked Emme and Max, 15, if they liked what they heard and was met with a resounding “yes.”

“And then they’re like, ‘Yeah, we like this more than the music you make now,’” J. Lo admitted with a laugh. She referred to the humbling moment as a “good ouch.”

This Is Me … Then, Jennifer’s third studio album that was released in November 2002, will soon premiere its film sequel years in the making. The Amazon original This Is Me…Now: A Love Story, which the streamer described as a “highly visual and musical reimagining of her publicly scrutinized love life,” will drop on February 16 — the same day as her ninth album.

The film, which stars Jennifer and Ben Affleck as themselves, will tell the story of their very public off-again-on-again relationship “through her own eyes,” according to Prime Video.

The third component of Jennifer’s upcoming three-part project, which cost $20 million total to make, is a documentary called The Greatest Love Story Never Told. The ​behind-the-scenes film, which was inspired by a series of letters Ben sent to Jennifer, will be available to stream beginning February 27.

The “On the Floor” singer has even hinted that this passion project may be the end of her decades-long career in music.

“I feel like it’s the end of a kind of an era for me and the beginning of a new one, so I would never say never, but right now I feel like I really put my heart and soul into this and I’m very excited and it definitely took a lot out of me,” she told Entertainment Tonight on Sunday, February 11.

As for parenting fraternal twins, who she affectionately calls her “coconuts,” J. Lo has been honest in the past about the “ouches” that come with raising kids.

Speaking about her film The Mother, which was released in May 2023, the pop icon shared her belief that there is “no perfect version of a mom” during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“You have to be the best mom you can be with who you are and what you know, and the things that you learned and experienced in your life,” she told the outlet at the time. “And that’s what you kind of pass on to your kids, you protect them and love them, no matter what.”