Pregnant Jersey Shore star (and beloved meatball) Deena Cortese may be expecting her first child — a little boy named Christopher John — in four weeks, but, as it happens, she and her husband, Chris Buckner, are already thinking about baby No. 2!

Life & Style recently asked the mama-to-be if she’d like to have another child shortly after giving birth. “Oh definitely!” Deena gushed. “Well, I want to have time with him and we want to appreciate him, but we were thinking we want our kids to be close in age,” she continued. “So, maybe a year and a half and then start trying again, but the first year and a half, we want to give all our attention to CJ.

How exciting! As far as how Deena’s pregnancy has been? Well, she’s basically been handling things like a champ. “I’m feeling good,” she said. “The second trimester was amazing and then the third trimester [has] been good. I was a little sick,” Deena admitted. “I had an upper respiratory infection, but it’s finally getting better. I’m starting to get tired again and they said that was going to happen once the third trimester hits, but besides that, I’m doing good.”

She then went on to explain that one of her symptoms is actually a major clue about the baby! “I have heartburn, but everyone says that means he’s going to have hair. That’s what everyone says.” TBH, we’re seriously hoping that little CJ has enough hair to pull off the Pauly D blowout.

Overall, I think I had a great pregnancy,” Deena added. “I think I’ve had so much support between my family and my friends, [that] If I [got] nervous, I had so many people I could turn and talk to or ask questions. So yeah, I think, all in all, the pregnancy [has] been great… knock on wood. I still have a couple more weeks yet, but yeah, I can’t wait to meet him!” Neither can we, girl!


Reporting by Diana Cooper.