Hey, remember Jesse McCartney? If you were of a pop culture-loving age in the early 2000s, of course you remember that beautiful soul. Dude was everywhere! In addition to being on the wildly-popular Disney Channel teen sitcoms Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, he was a legit pop artist. You know you had “Beautiful Soul” and “Right Where You Want Me” on repeat. But what’s the singer-songwriter up to these days? How different is 2017 Jesse McCartney from early aughts Jesse? Spoiler alert: Not much. Here’s what Jesse McCartney is up to now. 

He’s still making music.

Clearly, singing and songwriting is in the 30-year-old’s bones, because, over the years, Jesse has stayed faithful to music. In 2013, Jesse joined the Backstreet Boys and Pauly D on their tour “In a World Like This.” That same year, he released the single from his album, In Technicolor, “Back Together.” The rest of the album was released the following year. Jesse still plays shows and occasionally tours today, as well. 

He’s also still acting.

Keeping his hyphenate title game strong, the Ardsley, New York native is still acting as well — and in good stuff. Jesse has been the voice of Dick Grayson/Nightwing in the animated series Young Justice since 2010 (the show is still on today). And in addition to voice work, Jesse played Reed in Fear the Walking Dead in 2016. 

He’s in a long term relationship.

For the past five years, Jesse has been dating actress/model Katie Laura Peterson. No hints on if and when they’ll tie the knot, but when you’ve put in that many years — and still seem adorably in love — it’s all but inevitable. 

He’s an appearance guy now, too.

Just as Scott Disick has made a fortune by showing up at events, having a couple of drinks, and mingling with a few people, Jesse has, understandably, gotten in on the appearance game, too. Fortunately though, there never are reports of the singer getting wasted and making a complete fool of himself. Way to keep it profesh, Jesse. 

He’s an amateur chef. Sort of.

If you peruse Jesse’s Instagram long enough, you’ll see that the heartthrob enjoys dabbling in the kitchen from time to time. From the looks of things, he and his girlfriend often prefer lazy Friday nights at home with good food and books to partying it up in Hollywood — which we totally commend. While Jesse’s penchant for cooking may seem like a surprise to some, really it shouldn’t, as the singer took a cheese class in 2009. Who knew?! Singer, actor, and cheese whiz — now that’s a hyphenate. 

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#TBT to when I had to stir this homemade Mushroom Risotto for about 30 straight minutes! #WorthIt #CrushingTheApronGame

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