Not holding back! Jessie J (real name: Jessica Ellen Cornish) slammed body-shamers who asked if she was pregnant four months after suffering from a miscarriage.

“Stop commenting on people’s weight, anyone. Just stop,” the “Price Tag” artist, 34, wrote via her Instagram Stories on Thursday, March 31. “Or telling someone they look pregnant for sure, or ‘you look skinny,’ just anything, just stop. I see it so much on socials and I know it happens in real life.”

Jessie then explained she had “gained 18 pounds in the past six months” and feels “great.” And after pointing out whether she maintains or gains weight, the London native asserted, “As long as I feel good, I’m healthy.”

While she didn’t pay mind to the body-shaming, Jessie also revealed that “someone literally just asked me if I was pregnant,” in her lengthy statement.

“And they also knew of what I went through last year and told me their thoughts on that, and how I should’ve handled it,” the “Bang Bang” singer wrote. “So strange and so damn bold.”

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Courtesy of Jessie J/Instagram

She later concluded her message, writing, “Not cool to just say or comment on anyone’s body. Unless they/I tell you or ask your opinion, it’s not one that’s needed or helpful. Wild that some people don’t know that.”

In November 2021, Jessie revealed the news of her miscarriage on Instagram, sharing “there was no longer a heartbeat” during her third sonogram.

“I decided to have a baby on my own,” she wrote at the time. “Because it’s all I’ve ever wanted, and life is short. To get pregnant was a miracle in itself and an experience I will never forget, and I know I will have again. I’m still in shock, the sadness is overwhelming. But I know I am strong, and I know I will be OK.”

Despite the heartbreaking discovery, Jessie informed fans she would forge ahead with her scheduled Los Angeles concert, noting, “I know singing tonight will help me.”

The former Voice U.K. coach has been open about her fertility struggles in the past, including at a November 2018 concert when she explained to the audience she was once told she “could never have children.”

Not only that, but she has also shared she was diagnosed with two conditions: Adenmyosis — when endometrial tissue that normally lines the uterus grows into the muscular wall instead, according to Mayo Clinic — and Ménière’s Disease — a disease in the inner ear that can cause vertigo, hearing loss or ringing in the ear, per Today.

Yet, Jessie continues to embrace the good things in life, which she explained on her 34th birthday on March 27.

“33 wasn’t my favorite, BUT man, did it teach me so much,” the “Nobody’s Perfect” artist wrote via Instagram that day. “Perspective was the biggest gift for me this year. To live harder through the pain. To laugh louder through the grief … I am here and I am alive. THAT is the biggest gift.”