Sticking up for her sister. “I Still Love You” singer Jessie James Decker is slamming a major airline after they allegedly “humiliated” her pregnant sister, Sydney Rae bass, in front of other passengers. 

“My sister, Sydney Rae Bass, just texted me from her flight,” Jessie, 35, shared via her Instagram Story on Sunday, April 16. “As you know, she is five months pregnant, high risk, and also traveling alone with two small children. Blaire accidentally spilled popcorn in the aisle, and the flight attendant came up to Sydney with a trash bag, and a wet wipe, telling her the captain wants Syd to clean up every drop.”

The Italy native continued, “My poor sister is on her hands and knees, crying in the aisle, completely humiliated and exhausted, with her children while everyone watched.”

Jessie James Decker Airline

Shortly before Jessie shared her story, Sydney took to her Instagram Story to give an update on her travel day with her two daughters. 

“Got up at 6:15 a.m. On our second flight now. It’s been a day,” she shared, over a photo of the spilled popcorn. “Blaire decided to be in a really not good mood.”

Jessie later made light of the situation as she shared a selfie with her 2-year-old niece, calling her a “popcorn hazard.”

“Yes, that’s what the flight attendant told my sister, that popcorn in the aisle is a safety hazard,” she added.

The family drama comes just days after the “Should Have Known Better” singer celebrated her 35th birthday with husband Eric Decker and their children, Vivianne, Eric Jr. and Forrest

“This is 35,” she shared alongside a series of photo from her backyard dinner party on April 13. “I am right where I want to be. That’s a pretty damn good feeling to have. … Eric, mi amor you made my birthday dinner dreams come true. Felt real special and loved. Love y’all.”

As for Sydney – who is currently expecting her third child with husband and Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass – she was absent from the festivities but wished her older sister a happy birthday via social media. 

“Happy birthday to my hilarious, loving, giving, salad making queen, crazy big sister [Jessie James Decker],” she shared on April 12. “My bestie since birth, but with age we continue to get closer and I love it,” Syd added with a slew of celebratory emoji.