Family forever! Jessie James Decker fans may know her husband, Eric Decker, and their three kids, but what about the rest of her family?

The country singer was born in Italy but eventually moved to America, where she spent a lot of time moving around because of her stepfather’s involvement in the U.S. Air Force. Growing up, Jessie had a tight-knit bond with her parents and siblings, which, in-part, still stands today.

“Eric and I always knew we wanted to have kids, even before we got married. Once we did, we knew we would be great parents and partners because we were both raised by amazing parents ourselves,” the “Wanted” musician told People in December 2019 about becoming a mom. “We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from them and put it towards how we parent our children today. Even though we’re not planning to have any more kids, if a fourth kid happened to come along, it would be a blessing.”

Keep reading for more details about her family. 

Who Are Jessie’s Parents?

Jessie’s parents are mom, Karen Parker, and stepfather Steve Parker, whom Karen referred to as “the love of her life” on her blog. “We met relatively later in life and perhaps that is one of the many reasons we hold our love so dear,” Karen wrote. “Like most women, I have had my share of heartache and made my share of mistakes.”

Jessie, for her part, has referred to her mom as “my biggest inspiration.” The singer told People, “As a child, I always felt like my mom did everything the right way. My mom was extremely attentive, loving and affectionate, and she always gave us so much attention and care. She was our biggest supporter and still is. I call her every day. She is my idol.”

Jessie James Decker Family
Courtesy of Jessie James Decker/Instagram

Who Are Jessie’s Siblings?

Jessie has two siblings, Sydney Rae Bass (née James) and John James. Over the years, there has been speculation about a feud between John and his sisters, which he addressed publicly in May 2022.

“With Sydney, [we picked up] right where things left off. You know, we were having fun, joking, being stupid like we always have historically together,” he revealed on “The Spillover” podcast at the time. “But it wasn’t until a couple of days after that we actually saw Jess. And it was just very cordial for the sake of my mother, I’d say. There was definitely no heart to hearts or anything.”

In June 2022, fans started to speculate that Jessie was discussing their falling out in a candid Instagram post that referred to “some family issues” in the past. However, she never mentioned any family member by name.

“I had some family issues a couple years ago that I have struggled with tremendously and still to this day make me break down and cry. I would’ve never chosen to deal with that publicly and open that door to such a personal family matter, but it happened, and it still hurts my heart,” Jessie wrote. “I don’t handle social media or trolls like I used to. During the private family matter a hate page on Reddit developed. I’m ripped apart constantly on a daily basis which kills me a little every day and makes me wonder what my purpose in this business is and truthfully makes me consider quitting everything sometimes and disappear.”

The siblings appear to have squashed their beef, however, as John and Jessie shared the same photo to their Instagram pages in November 2022.

Jessie James Decker Family
Courtesy of Sydney Rae Bass/Instagram

“Undefeated,” the duo captioned the joint photo. John and his sisters also shared behind-the-scenes clips of the trio’s get together, noting that Jessie and Sydney flew in to visit their brother.

In February 2023, Jessie shared on Instagram that her “heart is full” alongside a series of family photos, which included John.

“My sister and Eric and my nieces and nephews just left and holy crap, we had such an amazing time,” John shared in his own Instagram video at the time. “It was one of those moments that you’re not sure if you’re ever going to have, because of everything [that happened]. Like, I wasn’t sure if we’d reconnect like that, so [I’m] super grateful. It was so much fun.”