If y’all forgot about how Jordyn Woods and her little sister, Jodie Woods, look practically identical, have no fear … she’ll remind you. The 21-year-old model took to Twitter to share a little known fact about the 14-year-old mini influencer — that she can unlock Jordy’s iPhone face ID with her own face.

“Jodie can unlock my phone with her face,” Kylie Jenner‘s former BFF wrote about her mini-me on August 23. “Genuinely shook.”

Needless to say, fans were both just as shook and not shook at all, simply because it’s both obvious and crazy that it could even be possible. “That’s what happens when [your] parents accidentally have the same kid twice,” one fan wrote, including the most epic twin selfie the sisters have ever taken together.

“😂😂😂 When your momma stop putting in effort and just sent God a copy & paste sheet. 😭😭,” another fan wrote, while a separate follower chimed in, “I’m hollering 😂 literally made the same girl twice.”

Another fan had a pretty good thought, one about how Jodie’s face will certainly continue to help her out in life as she grows up. “She’ll have the best fake ID for when she’s older though,” they wrote. Something tells us with her big sister’s clout, she won’t exactly need it but the

And then there was that one fan who shot his shot. “You can unlock my heart with your face,” he wrote to Jordyn. “Genuinely shook.” LOL.

Jodie and Jordy have shown off their insane resemblance in the past, like back in April when the brunette beauty sung her little sister’s praises on Instagram and even thanked her mom and dad for birthing her. “Thank you mom & dad,” she captioned the sweet series of three selfies. “I didn’t know that when I asked for a baby sis 13 years ago my mom would birth another me. 💪🏾💕”