Is there anything more magical than someone's first prom season? We don't think so! That sentiment is especially true for Mary Catherine, a Bachelor in Paradise fan who bravely asked Josh Murray — an alum of the reality TV series — if he would accompany her as her date. Check out the video above for all the adorable pictures Josh shared from the pair's memorable night.

It's clear from the numerous snapshots that Josh and Mary Catherine had a great time. In addition to doting over how amazing Mary Catherine is in his Instagram caption, Josh highlighted one of her signature talents — dancing! "Wooooooh I’m still worn out from that dance floor!" the 33-year-old joked.

The comments section was beyond heartwarming — full of love and support from other fans. "What an amazing man you are to make her prom so special for her. You've made a huge impact on her life and know you will continue to do so. You're a good man, Josh!" one fan wrote.

"Truly amazing what you [SIC] done. Her smile says it all and it’s wonderful that you made her smile and the memories you gave her. #inspiration," another supporter commented.

Despite having graduated high school over a decade ago, Josh commented that May 5 wasn't just Mary Catherine's first prom ever, but his too. Fortunately for them both, it was a beautiful evening that they'll never forget. "I wouldn’t have wanted to spend Cinco de Mayo any other way!" Josh concluded. No, we're not crying, you're crying!