No bad blood here! While Julia Fox may have dated Kanye West only a year after his divorce from Kim Kardashian, the actress has nothing but love for the SKIMS ​cofounder and reality star. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair about her new memoir, Julia gushed about Kim.

“I actually really love her,” Julia, 33, ​says of Kim, 43. “I grew up watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians and I actually liked it before they were even cool…and when people would bash her I would always go to bat for her. And I thought she ​f—king killed it in American Horror Story so she is a multi-talented queen.”

When asked if Julia felt like Kim was ever inspired by her at all, Julia replied, “I would say that there have been some looks that are a little similar to mine, but I feel like, you know, it’s just like what’s trending, but I don’t know if I’m, like, on her mood board or anything like that.”

Julia first wowed audiences after her performance in the Safdie Brothers’ film, Uncut Gems, but it wasn’t long before she was also making headlines due to her relationship with Kanye, 46. Julie and Kanye dated in January and February of 2022, a year after Kanye’s divorce from Kim. The actress, who recently appeared as a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show, said she never expected her relationship with Kanye to get as much attention as it did.

Speaking with Drew Barrymore, Julia said, “I just embraced it. I was like, ‘Ok, I’ll do the fashion, I’ll wear the clothes, I’ll do what he says.'”

Julia Fox Gushes Over Kim Kardashian Amid Tell-All Kanye West Book
Marc Piasecki/GC Images

Even though Julia told interviewers about her love for Kim, she admits in her memoir, Down the Drain, that Kim played a role in the demise of her relationship with Kanye. In the book, Julia wrote, “He tells me he had a good conversation with his soon-to-be-ex-wife and discovered a lot of information about me.”

Julia also added that Kanye, who she only refers to as “the Artist” in the memoir, told her that he “didn’t know she was a drug addict,” and even implied that she had “duped him.”

However, it wasn’t just Kim that caused Julia’s relationship to crumble. She compared dating Kanye to having another baby to take care of, along with her then 1-year-old son, Valentino, who she shares with ​her ex-husband, Peter Artemiev.

“It was so overwhelming and so unsustainable … because ultimately, I cannot put anybody else first. My son has to be first,” Julia said during the October 18 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. “It just became too much. I didn’t sign up to have two babies. I couldn’t do it. It felt like two babies.”

Regardless of how much Julia says she admires Kim, the feelings likely aren’t mutual. A source exclusively revealed to Life & Style, “Kim likes to protect Kanye’s image — even after their split and all the unflattering things he’s said about her — because of their kids and because she knows what’s said about him lives on the internet forever.”

The source continued, “So of course she doesn’t like Julia talking about him in her book. It’s humiliating for Kanye, but also humiliating for Kim. While Kim could reveal a lot of embarrassing things about Kanye, too, she doesn’t, because it’s her worst nightmare for these sorts of things to be made public.”

Julia’s memoir, Down the Drain, is now available.