Her revelations fascinating — and a little cringe. Julia Fox’s relationship with Kanye West began after the rapper-designer asked a friend of a friend for her number. After spending hours on the phone in late 2021, he chartered a jet for the Uncut Gems actress and her friends to fly from NYC to Miami to ring in the New Year. As 2022 began, Julia joined Kanye in his hotel room, where they played the card game Uno and highlighted positive words in the dictionary.

That night, he asked her to be his girlfriend and go public, and within days, he’d assigned her a stylist and insisted on dressing her. “I can tell [he’s] elated by the amount of attention our relationship has been getting,” Julia writes in her new memoir, Down the Drain, in which she details their fling, “but I feel vulnerable and exposed.” She’s not the only one.

Kim kardashian and Kanye West
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Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, is not happy that the model and former dominatrix is now sharing revenge stories about the bizarre, less-than-two-month romance she enjoyed with Ye. “Kim likes to protect Kanye’s image — even after their split and all the unflattering things he’s said about her — because of their kids and because she knows what’s said about him lives on the internet forever,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “So of course she doesn’t like Julia talking about him in her book. It’s humiliating for Kanye, but also humiliating for Kim. While Kim could reveal a lot of embarrassing things about Kanye, too, she doesn’t, because it’s her worst nightmare for these sorts of things to be made public.”

Chaotic Romance 

Julia’s tales about Kanye are wild. For their second date, he treated her to an NYC hotel suite full of clothes, offered to buy her “a boob job” and asked her to write a story describing the first days of their courtship. When he didn’t like what she’d penned, he had a friend draft a “completely fabricated” story to accompany a photo shoot they did for a magazine, writes Julia, 33. Kanye, 46, was so controlling, Julia claims, that during one of their dates, he had a stylist meet her in a restaurant bathroom with other outfits he wanted her to change into. “I feel like he’s using me in some weird, twisted game,” Julia writes of the experience, adding, “It makes me feel dirty.”

Kanye West and Julia fox
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That’s not the Kanye Kim, 42, fell in love with. “Kim knew a different Kanye than the Kanye now,” says the source. Though “he was controlling about things she wore,” adds the source, “when they were together, he wasn’t like this.” He changed over the course of their relationship. Since filing to end her nearly seven-year marriage to Kanye in 2021, Kim’s dropped clues about how it all fell apart, once admitting, “I don’t want a husband that lives in a completely different state.” Ye, who has famously struggled with mental health issues, for a time lived in Wyoming while Kim and their children — North 10, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4 — called California home. According to the source, “When they were married, Kim spent a lot of nights alone. It was incredibly lonely for her when he’d go off for weeks at a time to work on music or focus on himself or dive into a project alone.”

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Eventually, their marriage fell apart. “It was mostly that they just ended up like acquaintances,” says the source. “The spark was gone. Too much had been said. Kim just didn’t feel that romantic connection to him anymore.” He tried to win her back, including around the time he was dating Julia, but he also publicly criticized Kim’s parenting. She’s since admitted how hard it was to pretend she was OK amid Kanye’s “shenanigans” and criticism. “God, if people knew,” she said on her family’s reality show in June, confessing how she spent “hours and hours of my days as the cleanup crew” because of his antics and “lies.”

Future Fears 

Kim wonders what else Kanye has told his flings out of revenge — and if those stories will ever come out. Especially, says the source, considering Julia admits in her book that she refused Ye’s repeated demands that she sign a nondisclosure agreement. Kanye just knows so much about Kim, from the truth about the liposuction, butt lift and other plastic surgery rumors that Kim’s previously denied to what’s really at the crux of her ongoing feud with big sister Kourtney Kardashian, 44, shares the source: “Kim really broke Kourtney’s heart. ”

It doesn’t help that Kanye’s ex recently revealed there’s much more she didn’t say within the pages of Down the Drain. “If anyone does get upset [with the book],” Julia mused, “I’m going to be very quick to remind them: ‘I went easy on you. I could have done more damage.’ ”