Couple goals! Justin Bieber hilariously teased Hailey Baldwin that there is “no more love” now that they’re married. Although they were legally wed in September 2018, the couple officially walked down the aisle during a luxe wedding ceremony in South Carolina on September 30. Don’t worry, the pop star wasn’t able to poke fun at his new bride for too long because the love is so real.

The 25-year-old posted the sweet video on his Instagram Story on October 1, as the A-listers were flying back home to Los Angeles. Hailey, 22, could be seen joking around with her hubby because he’s laughing weird but then goes to give him a few kisses.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Wedding Photobooth
Courtesy of Justin Bieber Instagram

“Get off of me! We’re married now, no more love now that we’re married. That’s what happens,” the “Love Yourself” singer said. The model gave him a pouty face and Justin was so charmed by her cuteness that he gushed, “Aw, I’m just kidding!”

The duo has been soaking in every minute of the wedding excitement, including Hailey going all out for a bachelorette party with her best girlfriends. The blonde beauty’s inner circle took her out for a chill night of food, drinks and lots of laughter. “Hailey was celebrating her bachelorette at the back in a private tent. She wasn’t in a big group. There were around six people, including Kendall [Jenner]. They shared dishes and drank cocktails … Hailey was having a blast but wasn’t out of control or anything like that,” a source exclusively dished to Life & Style about the starlet’s evening. “Even though no one could see them at the restaurant you could hear the excitement and loud voices from outside — there was lots of laughter and cheering.”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Selfie in Tokyo
Courtesy of Justin Bieber Instagram

Justin and Hailey have seemingly found their groove as Mr. and Mrs. and married life is going much smoother than the beginning. “I had never lived with someone before. I never had to cohabitate with somebody in that way, so I was learning how to share space with someone for the first time. We were trying to bend in each other’s direction and learn what was comfortable,” the Drop the Mic host admitted during an interview with Vogue Australia published on September 13. “Now it’s easier because we’ve found a rhythm. We have more fun together, which is what should happen when you spend more time with someone you love.”

Keep being the cutest, you two!