It’s about time! Hailey Baldwin took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, September 18, to show what her husband, Justin Bieber, is cookin’ — some new music! The 22-year-old shared a snap of the 25-year-old pop star in the studio and their two cats, who were probably there for moral support.

“Studio babies,” Hailey captioned the photo of her cats sitting on her lap while Justin was in the background sitting in the recording booth. Besides dropping a remix to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” in July, Justin released a single in June with Chris Brown called “Don’t Check on Me,” which many fans thought was about his ex Selena Gomez based on the lyrics.

Justin Bieber in the Studio
Courtesy of Hailey Baldwin/Instagram

Justin sings the following in the second verse of the song: “Might run across your mind but don’t worry ’bout me, no/ My heart is back in one piece, it ain’t skipped a beat, no/ Feeling rested up, I ain’t missing sleep, no-oh/ Don’t take it personal if I can’t reply now/ I’m distant ’cause I don’t wanna be reached now/ Won’t let the ghosts of our past weigh my future down/ I’m liberated.”

Prior to that, he released “I Don’t Care” with Ed Sheeran in May. In that track, Justin gets candid about anxiety and having someone help him get through it, which is probably Hailey. “With all these people all around/ I’m crippled with anxiety/ But I’m told it’s where we’re s’posed to be/ You know what? It’s kinda crazy ’cause I really don’t mind/ And you make it better like that,” he sings in the bop. Justin has been open about his struggles with mental health, but having his wife by his side seems to make a difference.

Hailey and Justin are going strong after a year since tying the knot. The couple secretly got married in an NYC courthouse in September 2018 and have yet to celebrate in front of all their loved ones. In May, Hailey’s older sister Alaia Baldwin told Us Weekly she has no idea “what their plans are.” She told the outlet, “They’re very up and down, so, I just … I’ll be there at some point in a dress, in sweats — we don’t know!” Whether Hailey and Justin decide to dress it up or dress it down one thing is for sure — it will be a party to remember!