Just when we thought Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Roger Mathews‘ son couldn’t get any cuter he gets himself into a little trouble with his famous mom’s bra insert. Greyson was captured on his dad’s Instagram with a “chicken cutlet” stuck to his face.

“Hannibal Lecter? Nope, just a boy with a bra insert (aka boob enhancer/ chicken cutlet) in his mouth,” Roger hilariously captioned the pic. “On a serious note why do we have so many fake boobs laying around and why do our kids like playing with them? Someone call child protective services.” Watch the video below to see the adorable moment.

If you’re not following Roger on social media, you are seriously missing out. The 41-year-old is full of dad jokes and constantly finding the humor in his daily routine with his kids, including his adorable daughter Meilani, 3. And of course, he pokes a little fun at Jersey Shore alum JWoww along the way. In our opinion, he’s the funniest dad on Instagram.

Remember when Roger caught JWoww “cheating”? “Today I failed as not only a father but a husband and a man. I’m embarrassed to admit that tonight after returning home after running errands, I walked into our bedroom and caught my wife cheating,” he wrote. “Or caught what I thought was my wife cheating. The room was dimly lit and walking in I saw what I thought was a full-sized man sleeping next to my wife.”

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After a long day of wearing Zombie makeup there’s no better way to end the day than a family bubble bath with facials. #WeAreTheMathews

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He continued, “I’m not ashamed to admit that doughy son of a b–ch intimidated me a little bit so I only mustered up enough courage to take my shoe off and throw it at him as I ran out of the room crying. Imagine my surprise when my wife called me while I was checking into the Budget Inn with my one shoe on and told me it was just our son in bed with her.” LOL! Keep the posts coming, Roger!