After Kaitlyn Bristowe claimed former fiancé Jason Tartick “didn’t protect” her from online haters following their split, she shared several cryptic Instagram Stories posts about standing up for herself and the importance of trusting “signs.”

“Be passionate, and unapologetically proud of how you continue to show up for yourself and all the ways you keep winning in the midst of it all,” a slide posted on Thursday, September 21, read. It appeared shortly after Kaitlyn, 38, showed off a video of how she and her mom had arrived in Lake Como, Italy, for a much-needed post-split getaway.

The former Bachelorette then shared another cryptic post reading, “The universe will always prevent misalignment from entering your life. If you see a sign, trust it.”

The messages come after Kaitlyn dissed Jason, 34, for how he handled things following their split, including sharing a heartbreaking video of him moving his belongings out of her home and into a storage unit while the former duo’s dogs watched.

“We talked about protecting each other through it because, of course, when you go through breakups you want to have your side and someone to have their side,” Kaitlyn said during the Tuesday, September 19, episode of her “Off the Vine” podcast. “To justify it and say all these things. We really agreed on protecting each other.”

The LeDuc, Canada, native brought up how Jason said in his August 23 Instagram Reels video said that the moving out experience “physically and mentally sucks” and showed their golden retrievers, Ramen and Pinot, looking forlorn as he packed up the boxes while heartbreaking piano music played over the video.

“When he was, kind of, leaning into that sad — I was like, ‘Bro,’” Kaitlyn said. “It didn’t protect me because it made me look like I was taking the dogs away from him.”

Sure enough, in the comments of Jason’s Reel, fans felt his pain, with one writing, “It’s the dogs’ reaction for me,” as another agreed, “This broke my heart. Your dogs look so sad.” One person told the former Bachelorette contestant, “Post all the sad posts you need. We are all rooting for you!”

In the caption, Jason wrote, “I share this bc although I said I was ok, I wasn’t … This has been another reminder to me that it’s ok to show weakness, it’s ok to ask for help and that the support from family/friends is truly unbreakable when they know you really need to lean in.”

In their August 6 breakup statement, Kaitlyn and Jason specifically mentioned said they’d be sharing custody of the pups, writing that Ramen and Pinot “will continue to be cared for together as brothers.” The duo explained, “While their humans are no longer romantically involved, we will love and take care of them together.”