For those of you who are unaware, Kanye West took to Instagram on Sept. 20 to have a full-blown therapy session with his 3.2 million followers. His most notable topic of discussion? Nick Cannon‘s suggestion that Yeezy’s wife, Kim Kardashian, hooked up with Drake. Check out the video above to watch Kanye call out Nick… among other people. 

OK, for starters: Does anyone remember a world where Kim Kardashian and Nick Cannon dated? ‘Cause we don’t. Secondly, while we are happy to hear that Kanye is “up out of the sunken place,” it is curious that he would choose to address the Kim/Drake/Nick rumors when Kim already handled the situation herself no less than two weeks ago.

Basically, a very-detailed Twitter thread surfaced on Aug. 31 that convinced the entire Internet that Kim was the “Kiki” from Drake’s hit song “In My Feelings” and therefore, the two must have slept together. Shortly thereafter, Nick took to the series Everyday Struggle and suggested that Drake “smashing” Kim isn’t that “far off of a concept.”



However, Kim shut down the BS just hours after The Shade Room shared the clip on Instagram. “Never happened. End of the story,” the mother-of-three wrote very matter of factly. Hmmm, so why is it then that Kanye is rehashing the past? Well, it seems that Kanye felt Nick’s claim were just as disrespectful to him as they were to Kim.

“If someone brings my wife up you say ‘hey, I respect that man’… don’t be making no suggestions like, nobody f—-d my wife,” the “Ghost Town” rapper explained. Well, ladies and gentleman, there you have it. Kanye seemingly had a bruised ego and it wasn’t “sitting right with his spirit.” Here’s hoping that this is the last time poor Kim ever has to hear her name alongside Nick Cannon’s (and Drake’s, TBH) ever again.