Going, going, gone?! On Sept. 17, Kanye West revealed his plans to move to Chicago. According to reports, the “Ghost Town” rapper made his big announcement during an event with Chance The Rapper in the Windy City. “I gotta let y’all know that I’m moving back to Chicago and I’m never leaving again,” the father-of-three declared. 

While we can appreciate Yeezy’s sense of hometown pride, we can’t help but wonder how his wife, Kim Kardashian, feels about this? After all, they have built an entire life for themselves on the west coast! As it turns out, Kim is reportedly staying put for that very reason. “Kim plans on spending more time in Chicago, but she isn’t moving there full-time,” a source told People


“She thinks it’s best for the kids to continue their schedule in LA. North is in school and everything is working great,” the source added. “Kim doesn’t think a permanent move to Chicago benefits the kids. Also, Kim wants to be around her family as much as possible too. She loves their new house and it finally feels like a home to her.”

Hmmm, so what does this mean for Kim and Kanye’s relationship? Surely after four years of marriage, being a long distance couple would be counterproductive, right? Well, it seems Kiki is still holding on… for now. “She will be supportive of Kanye’s plans and they do have a house in Chicago too,” the source explained. 

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However, the 37-year-old might also be banking on her famous hubby changing his mind. “Kanye has a tendency though to change his mind quickly, so she is just going along with his plans because it makes him happy,” the source said. “Next week, something else might make him happier.” A second source confirmed that sentiment: “He changes his mind like he changes his underwear.”