Poor Koko! According to Radar Online, Khloé Kardashian‘s family is giving her an ultimatum: say goodbye to your once-cheating baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, or stop blabbing about it!

Khloé’s sisters are fed up with her indecisive attitude towards Tristan,” a family insider told the outlet. “They’re urging her to make a decision one way or the other.” Yikes… you know things are bad when your own flesh and blood is tired of hearing about it.

This has been dragging on for so long now, and Khloé’s sisters are sick of playing therapist while she flip-flops over what to do,” the insider continued. Question is, why is all this Tristan drama resurfacing? After all, the NBA baller’s infidelities are seemingly a thing of the past.

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Well, ICYMI, the past few episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians have been all about Tristan’s philandering ways. “Khloé has just had to relive Tristan’s affairs on KUWTK and it’s been emotional, to say the least,” the source explained. “Although she decided to stay with him, this has got her questioning everything all over again and now he’s barely going to be around for the holidays.”

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, you’d think that Tristan would be there to spend some quality time with his lady and their daughter, True Thompson, but unfortunately, his work schedule doesn’t allow it. The source revealed that the 27-year-old only has a couple days off between now and New Year’s Eve. Hmmm, that can’t be good for Khloé’s already shaky resolve on their relationship.

That said, on Nov. 16, the newly minted mama shared a photo on her Instagram Stories that showcased a Thanksgiving place card for her beau, reading: “Thankful for Tristan.” Here’s hoping the Kardashians make it through Turkey Day scandal-free. At the very least, Koko has earned some peace of mind with a side of cranberry sauce.

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