Well, that’s embarrassing. Kelly Clarkson shared a hilarious story of a wardrobe malfunction she experienced while filming the “Since U Been Gone” music video back in 2004 — one that apparently left her butt completely exposed.

During The Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday, October 31, the American Idol alum chatted with guest Kyle Richards about their slightly uncomfortable Halloween outfits. Kyle, 54, wore a full-body leather catsuit that felt like she had “one big Spanx on from the ankle to the neck.”

“And I haven’t sat in them until I got here. So if you hear a loud noise…” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star joked.

This prompted Kelly, 41 — who wore a tight black dress, fake blood tears and fake vampire teeth for her costume — to reveal that she ripped her pants while working on the music video for “Since U Been Gone.” The pop singer explained that the director asked her to squat down, but she was in “tight leather pants” at the time.

“He was like, ‘Go down and pop back up!’ I was like, ‘Oh, okay, cool.’ And I went down and just, ‘Whoops!’” Kelly continued.

What made the situation even more awkward was the fact that Kelly was “commando” underneath the pants. She revealed that she turned to the drummer behind her and said, “Oh s–t, that’s a lot of moon, man. I’m sorry.”

Kyle did fans a favor and asked if there was video footage of the moment, but Kelly unfortunately didn’t answer. However, it’s not the first time Kelly has talked about a wardrobe malfunction that happened while she wasn’t wearing any underwear. During a February episode of her talk show, Kelly and guest Shania Twain discussed their biggest onstage mishaps. While Shania’s response had to do with her horse pooping on stage, Kelly’s was a quick change error. She explained that her dressing team put her in a dress but forgot to make sure the zipper was secure, and she was completely naked underneath.

“I jumped around a lot on that tour, so my dress almost completely came off,” Kelly said. “That would have gone real European beach real quick.”

Kelly had another wardrobe incident in September where she exposed her chest by accident. As seen in viral footage on social media, she was about to perform her hit “Catch My Breath” during an event in Minnesota, but she stopped herself to adjust the top of her dress. She asked her bandmates if she was “good,” but then asked them to “hold on” as she ran off stage.

Thankfully, Kelly handled the situation with humor and grace. When she returned, she joked, “What kind of show is this? I was told you wanted a really fun show. I’m so sorry. I think my hair got stuck in the tape. We’re good.”

The pop star added, “Look, they’re not big enough to make noise. Which I don’t mind. OK, we’re just gonna keep the ladies in there. Just to keep it a family-friendly show. My bad!”