There’s one artist who has been a must-see performer at award shows recently, and that’s Kelsea Ballerini. The country superstar performed her hit song “Mountain With a View” at the People’s Choice Country Awards on Thursday, September 28, and while some viewers were blown away by her performance, others accused her of lip-synching.

While singing her hit song onstage, there were a few moments where Kelsea’s mouth wasn’t matching up to the audio, leading fans to share their thoughts online.

“You know you’re a fraud when you #Lipsync. Sure seems @KelseaBallerini did just this on the #PeoplesChoiceCountryAwards how does her voice travel to the microphone when she pulls the microphone down and misses the count to bring back to her mouth,” one person tweeted alongside a clip of the performance.”

A second person questioned, “Is my TV delayed or did I just watch #kelseaballerini lip sync?”

The Tennessee native, 30, quickly caught wind of the online critiques and slammed the haters via Instagram Stories.

Kelsea Ballerini performs on stage during the 2023 People's Choice Country Awards
Mickey Bernal/NBC

“I just wanna say, if I was lip-synching, I would’ve sounded a lot better,” she said in a quick clip after the big event. “One of the cameras was off. Thank you and goodnight.”

In a follow-up post, Kelsea reshared her dazzling backstage photo with a bombastic side eye, writing, “Me singing live watching other people thinking otherwise.”

The “IF YOU GO DOWN” artist wasn’t the only one to defend her talents as NBC shared a video of her performance on X (formerly known on Twitter) and confirmed there was in fact technical issues during her act.

“@KelseaBallerini’s FLAWLESS glitch-free performance – nobody does live vocals like her!” the broadcasting company wrote.

In the midst of the lip-synching accusations, Kelsea’s fans defended her performance – including people who work in production and are familiar with live shows.

“People who are still saying it’s lip-synced must not have a trained ear for mic’d vocals or know how playback sounds,” another fan tweeted, continuing, “Yes; like all live vocals on TV, this IS run through a compressor & pitch correction, software/hardware gear live, but it is LIVE singing. Period. End of story.”

With all the chatter aside, Kelsea put on an unforgettable show. The “Blindsided” musician donned a floor-length gold gown with a low scoop neckline and high slit. She performed her song barefoot while she sat on a set of stairs while moody smoke filled the stage.

Before the inaugural award show started, Kelsea arrived on the red carpet wearing a custom Coach sparkly LBD with an exposed back and completed the fun look with a messy bun. She was up for four awards including People’s Artist, Female Artist, Social Country Artist and Best Album but left the night empty-handed.

Kelsea’s boyfriend Chase Stokes didn’t accompany her at the first-ever People’s Choice Country Awards due to work obligations.