It looks like the protective older sister gene has kicked in for Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. On June 5, the models’ baby bro, Anwar Hadid, had a lengthy makeout sesh with Kendall Jenner at a NYC party, and the Hadid girls aren’t happy about their friend’s behavior. We don’t blame them! Hooking up with your BFF’s sibling is just so not cool.

"They warned Kendall to leave their brother alone," a source tells Life & Style. "They’re worried she’s taking advantage of him." Anwar was weeks shy of his 19th birthday when the hookup was caught on camera, and Gigi, 23, and Bella, 21, are concerned he’ll get his heart broken by Kendall, 22, who’s also been seeing NBA star Ben Simmons.

"Anwar has always had a crush on her," the source adds. "They don’t want Kendall messing with his feelings." But it may be too late: "Anwar and Kendall showed up at Gigi’s apartment recently looking like boyfriend and girlfriend," the source says. "He’s completely falling for her."

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Well, it looks like Kendall has a decision to make: Anwar or Ben? Although, Ben might just go ahead and make the decision for her. A source told Radar Online that the professional baller got very upset when he saw the steamy pictures of Kenny and Anwar together. "Ben's used to being a player on the court, but feels Kendall stepped over him," the source said. "He thinks she's the true player!"