The Internet is up in arms about Kendall Jenner being given the "Fashion Icon of the Decade" award. The 21-year-old star, while a successful model, isn't the most seasoned model. After it was revealed that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star would be honored in next month's New York Fashion Week as part of the Daily Front Row’s 2017 Fashion Media Awards, Twitter lost its chill.

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The model might boast over 83 million Instagram followers, have walked in numerous shows including the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and have her own fashion line — but apparently, that does not make her worthy of this award in the eyes of fans.

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While Kendall is beautiful and talented, we definitely understand the criticism behind the award. We mean, how can she be a fashion icon of the past decade when she's only 21-years-old? Check out the best fan reactions below!

Some fans even believe that another famous star is more worthy of the award: Rihanna. We mean, the "Rude Boy" singer does have killer style so we definitely see where they're coming from.

Well, we can't say that we're surprised by this controversy. In fact, Kendall has had quite the controversial year between her Pepsi ad and Adidas ad. It seems like it's just in trend to hate on the Kardashians. While she might not be the most fashionable person of the past decade, the girl definitely has style.

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But, we also can't ignore the fact that we're sure her last name has worked in her favor more than once. Maybe this is just another one of those times?