Before we begin, let’s all just take a moment of silence to acknowledge the fact that Kendall Jenner is obscenely good looking… OK, we’re back. On Aug. 7, LOVE magazine unveiled a new video project with the 22-year-old model where she basically just swims around Hampstead Ponds naked. 

To be fair, the video maintains an incredible amount of artistic integrity — seriously, it’s beautifully shot — but at the end of the day, we hardly think anyone is focusing on that. You can check out the two-minute clip below. 

Pretty ethereal, huh? Of course, this isn’t the first time that Kendall has shown off her scantily-clad modeling chops. After all, the leggiest KarJenner sister isn’t exactly afraid to bare all in front of a camera. That said, this particular shoot couldn’t have been released at a better time.

With all the OG Kardashians fighting like cats and dogs on Twitter, it’s nice to get a little relief from the drama and we’re sure that Kenny would agree. Unfortunately, despite being a fairly neutral party on KUWTK, Kendall has been forced to involve herself in the latest beef between Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian. So much so that she’s actually chosen sides

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“[I lean on] Kendall because we’re just like really best friends,” Kourtney revealed to E! News of her relationship with her younger sister. “We’re on the same wavelength. Like we like the same stuff, we like to do the same stuff. We have good conversations, we have fun together, there’s no drama with us,” the mother-of-three continued.

“Kendall has my back in this season, you’ll see. When I was watching some cuts, I see my sisters talking about me and I obviously have no idea because I wasn’t there and I’m like, ‘What?! They’re saying this about me?’ And then Kendall has my back,” Kourtney concluded. 

Well, here’s hoping that Kendall’s latest modeling jaunt will leave the world talking about her beauty and talent and not her family’s dysfunction!