She’s loving mom life! Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore told Life & Style exclusively how things have been going for the first-time mama just days after her daughter, Brooklyn Doris, celebrated her first birthday. What a milestone! Needless to say, the 48-year-old is basking in the glow of motherhood — and is doing just so well with her new journey.

“Absolutely amazing, more than I could ever expect,” the brunette beauty exclusively gushed to LS. “My daughter is the happiest baby in the world and she is just coming into her own.” Considering all the adorable photos Kenya posts on Instagram of the sweet 12-month-old, we have to agree there.

But motherhood has not been without its struggles, of course. Time, Kenya said, has been one of the hardest things to navigate. “You know what, I think just not having enough hours of the day, you know? So now I’m getting to the point where she’s sleeping a certain amount of time,” the dedicated mama explained. “And so I know when I put her to bed, OK, I have two hours to do this. In the morning I’m like, ‘OK, laundry first thing,’ and then the nanny gets there. And then I’m working, I’m building a schedule. So, you know, just balance.”

She also reiterated that having structure is key with so much to get done. “Yes, [a] schedule is helping me,” she dished. “Schedule’s a good thing.”

We don’t blame her for crafting a structured life for herself, especially in the wake of the announcement of her divorce from estranged husband Marc Daly. For Kenya, that mostly meant focusing on being the best mother possible. “I was just throwing myself into work and into Brooklyn. And she’s our priority,” the RHOA star assured. “And we both recognize the fact that even though we may be having issues, that she’s our number one priority, and we have to put her first.”

But at the end of the day, it seems like Kenya’s a strong woman. She’s coping quite well with the separation — and hopeful for the future. “I’m better than I thought I would be,” she revealed. See what we mean?