Things aren't looking great for Tristan Thompson right now. After the NBA star got caught cheating on his girlfriend and new mommy, Khloé Kardashian, brand and reputation expert Eric Schiffer told Life & Style exclusively that saving face won't be easy.

"Tristan's reputation is now a treasure chest of blunders. He went from being a beloved partner to a tower of death, reputation-wise. He has no one else to blame but the mirror," Eric shared via phone. "He has defamed Khloé's trust and that of the public — all over a night of meaningless pleasure. When people look back at what occurred, they're going to see that Khloé should have never been involved. His soul-crushing pain Khloé and the Kardashian clan will undergo will pass. But, the death spiral that Tristan is undergoing will live on for some time to come."

Fans may recall that before getting involved with the KUWTK star, Tristan had a girlfriend Jordan Craig. She, too, was pregnant and seemingly cheated on by the Cleveland Cavaliers player. "This is an awesome, disgusting display of serial philandering by Tristan. Khloé ignored history and went through the gates of hell, and wasn't walking through it in a gasoline suit, but instead experienced one of the grimace realities anyone can face — when you have a partner at their meanest, to disrespect and disregard your feelings for their own pleasures," Eric continued.

"This is a wake up call for Khloé and the Kardashians, and for, I think, many fans. If there's already been an incident with cheating, there's a far likelihood it would occur and you don't want to put yourself in front of such an emotionally monstrous scene."

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