We all remember what a nightmare it was when Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on an extremely pregnant Khloé Kardashian — and so does Koko. And apparently, she’s scared that he’ll do it again. (Which, by the way, is totally understandable. We’d be traumatized by something like that, too!) So to try and prevent that from happening, she’s come up with the perfect solution: keep things totally chill and cool and no pressure. That way, if you have no expectations, you can’t be disappointed. Right?

“One of her big new rules for their relationship is that it has to be totally fun and pressure free,” a Kardashian insider told Hollywood Life, explaining that the couple is “in such a great place right now.” 

“Her thinking is that if she can keep things light and sexy the way they were at the beginning of their relationship then Tristan won’t be tempted to cheat… She’s banned her friends and family from asking them when they’re getting married and she’s making a big effort to treat him like a boyfriend, instead of her future husband.”

Somehow, Khloé actually seems to think that being super low-maintenance about their relationship will keep Tristan feeling invested in it and super monogamous. I guess the theory goes that, if Khloé acts like the ultimate cool girl, it’ll keep Tristan content with their relationship and therefore less likely to stray. But, uh, we all know how the rest of Gone Girl turned out, right? Amy played the “cool girl” game for a while too, but her husband had an affair anyway… oh, and she ended up faking her death and framing Ben Affleck for her murder. Oops, sorry, spoilers. 

Who knows, though, maybe Khloé will have better luck with her plan. It’s certainly possible — and we’re rooting for her happiness either way. She and baby True Thompson deserve all the best. Let’s just hope that Tristan gives it to them.