She might only be eight weeks old, but that's not stopping Khloé Kardashian from looking into her daughter True Thompson's future. Using a birth chart compiled by Susan Miller of Astrology Zone, Khloé is predicting what is in store for her tiny Aries baby as she gets older — and revealed True might follow in her late grandfather Robert Kardashian Sr.'s footsteps.

"True will do really well in college and may go for advanced degrees at the best schools," Khloé wrote on her website on Monday. "She would be a great writer, publisher, reporter or documentary filmmaker — so, she definitely needs a camera! She could even be a lawyer." She also predicted that True will be a businesswoman, just like her Good American-designing mama.

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"She’ll also be interested in making something that people will buy and she doesn’t mind being behind the scenes, making big decisions. Failure isn’t an option for her,” Khloé added. As for True's love life, her birth chart revealed that her future husband will probably be nothing like her cheating daddy Tristan Thompson.

"She attracts unusual people around her and is stimulated by them," Khloé explained. "She’s also attracted to powerful people who could be detrimental to her finances. She’ll likely marry someone in entertainment or politics, and they’ll have a forever-after fairytale romance." The KUWTK star can also expect a close relationship with her daughter, seeing as the zodiac signs Aries and Cancer, while opposites, are extremely compatible.

"The best aspect of an Aries-Cancer friendship is that, once they realise they are on the same team, they balance each other wonderfully," the website Astrobix explained. "Either friend provides exactly what the other lacks, and together they could help each other experience all the diverse aspects of life, which they could hardly do on their own."

While we wait to see if Khloé's predictions come true (get it?), we'll just be looking at these cute photos of True in her pink tutu.