Uh, Megan Fox, is that you? On Aug. 15, Kim Kardashian posted a new selfie on Instagram and fans are convinced that the KUWTK star 100 percent channeled her look from the Transformers actress. To be fair, Kim and Megan have always looked a bit alike! 

With their killer eyebrows and chiseled facial features, it’s not difficult to make the comparison. However, it wasn’t until Kim slapped in a pair of colored contacts that the resemblance became uncanny. Check out the post below and see for yourself! 

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I thought about killing you 🎵

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“Literally thought this was Megan Fox,” one user commented. “Wait, this is actually Megan Fox,” added another. Of course, a few fans couldn’t help but notice that the mama-of-three was also channeling her hubby, Kanye West

Her caption “I thought about killing you” is one of Ye’s most recent (and controversial) songs. Oh, and who could forget the fact that Kanye has been known to rock colored contacts a time or two? Can you say major #WolfVibes? That said, Megan Fox look-alike was the more popular consenus. How flattering for Kim! 

After all, despite plastic surgery rumors, Megan Fox is still, well… a stone cold fox. At 32 years old, the brunette beauty is now a mom to two beautiful little boys, Bodhi Ransom Green and Noah Shannon Green. Additionally, she slays the selfie game just as hard as Kim — even with a beanie on!

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Beanie season

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OK, sorry, Meg! Back to Kimmie. Seeing as the KKW Beauty mogul is super fixated on her aesthetic right now, it’s not shocking to see her playing with different hairstyles, eye colors, and outfit choices. It seems the thinner Kim gets, the more experimental she becomes. Similarly to how Khloé Kardashian prefers her short hair when she’s thinner.  

However, some people think that her extreme weight loss is getting out of control. “Kim weighs herself every day and freaks out if she gains a pound,” a source told In Touch. Yikes. At the end of the day, Kim would look beautiful at any size. Just stay healthy, girl! You’ve got three beautiful babies to think of.