Never mess with a mama bear’s kubs! One of Kim Kardashian’s loyal fans caught her attention by defending her against haters saying that she left Saint West when he was sick just to party on New Year’s Eve. Ironically, Kim wasn’t aware that people had been talking s–t about her until she saw the tweet, and it sent her into full-on attack mode! Watch the video below to see Kim’s epic clapback at the haters mommy-shaming her!

Kim’s bestie Jonathan Cheban was almost as angry as she was, responding to her message by saying “Haha what loser came up with that theory. People are so embarrassing it hurts. Just nothing to do.” Fans were 100% here for Kim’s tweet, and quickly sent their support. “Hope Saint is feeling better!” wrote one fan. “Don’t pay attention to the people that are trying to put you as a bad parent. We know you love your kids, and you wouldn’t let anything happen to them… God Bless You!” Another agreed, writing, “We already know how much you love your kids! People always love to talk s–t about you because their lives are not as blessed as yours. Keep doing your job, you’re doing amazing.”

You can’t blame Kim for being a little bit touchy about the subject when she and hubby Kanye West actually spent days in the hospital over the holidays watching over their sick little boy. “My precious baby boy is so strong!” Kim wrote on Twitter. “After spending three nights in the hospital & seeing my baby get multiple IV’s and hooked up to oxygen machines, our end of year was challenging. Pneumonia is so scary.” The poor thing definitely doesn’t need to be dealing with petty Twitter trolls on top of that!