Now that Kylie Jenner is a mom-of-one to a daughter named Stormi, the 20-year-old has been unleashing a new side of herself. For years, she's been trying to emulate Kim Kardashian. After all, they're both the most famous of the sisters, have the biggest Instagram followings, and are always setting trends with their fashion statements. Even Kim admitted in 2015 that Kylie "dethroned" her spot as "queen of selfies." But judging by the new mom's emotional video she made to her baby daughter, it looks like Kylie might be shifting her priorities away from world domination and be taking a cue from her eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian. Watch the video above to see the ways Kylie is following in her big sis' footsteps.

Unlike the other sisters, Kourtney has always been more low key and entirely focused on her family. You don't really hear about her much — unless it involves her ex Scott Disick — and she prefers to live a quieter life where she predominately takes care of her kids and keeps her gorgeous, lofty home clean and perfect. As Kylie adjusts to motherhood, we can totally see her going the Kourtney route than the Kim route. Kylie has been speaking about her dreams of leaving fame and starting a family for years! "I feel like this fame thing is going to come to an end sooner than we think," Kylie cryptically revealed during the premiere episode of Life of Kylie. "I'm getting the bug again, where I just want to run away."

And don't get us wrong, we know Kim is also a mother herself to three kids — the same as Kourtney. But although Kim clearly loves her children and has spoken a lot about motherhood, the 37-year-old doesn't seem comfortable letting go of fame. After announcing the birth of her third child via surrogate, Kim posted a stream of racy photos on her Instagram a few days later, which irked a few fans. "She just had a baby," a commenter wrote under the pics. "Why is she still doing this?"

By the way, this isn't about mom-shaming. Kylie and Kourtney seem to share similar philosophies about life, and now that the sisters are getting closer, we can anticipate a new, more laidback Kylie in the future — and we can't wait!