At first, fans could not contain their excitement when Kylie Jenner announced that she gave birth to her first child. But then, confusion set in because her baby daddy is not her ex-boyfriend Tyga, but it's her current boyfriend Travis Scott. Once fans reconciled the fact that a Kyga baby will never exist, the confusion then turned into genuine concern: What was Tyga's reaction to his ex-girlfriend's baby news?

Fans took to Twitter to share funny memes about what they think Tyga's reaction is now that there is no chance that he will ever get back together with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and some fans thought that Tyga must definitely be regretting the fact that he let Kylie go. "How much is #Tyga kicking himself in the a– today?! Kylie literally got pregnant the day after she kicked you to the curb lololol [sic]," one fan wrote.

Other fans thing Tyga is definitely sad about it and they even took the time to photoshop tears onto his face, in their own interpretation of what his reaction to the news might look like.

Even though some of them were poking fun at him, there was also some concern and one fan even said that someone should check on the rapper to see if he's handling things okay.

Other commenters felt bad for him, and some of them think that Kylie was actually kind of mean to get pregnant with another man's baby so quickly after their split. "Shame I feel bad for Tyga. He was with Kylie for [three] years…that s–t's gotta hurt," one fan tweeted.

But for real though, we hope Tyga is doing okay!