Kylie Jenner did something her four older sisters have done time and time again yesterday when she became a trending topic on Twitter following an appearance at a PacSun event in Dallas. Unfortunately for Kylie though, the comments being made about her by fans who showed up to meet her that day were not very positive. At all.

Thanks goodness Twitter caps off at 140 characters.

Let's start with user Taylor Mangan, who had this to say about meeting Kylie and her big sis Kendall:

That is one very blunt and to the point statement.

Now let's check out Savana, a young lady who seemed to disagree with Taylor on one point, but most definitely agree with her on another. Unlike Taylor, Savana's tweets carry a little more weight as she is an expert on all things Kardashian, something she proved by making this her quote on her Twitter homepage: "The kardashian (sic) family inspires me."

According to Radar Online, the youngster revealed in a tweet that has since been removed that Kendall is "super nice," and Kylie is "rude."

The one tweet about the day that is still up on Savana's page seems to explain just why she found one of the sisters "super nice:"

That Kendall sure does know how to play to her audience.


Now should this all be true, Kylie's attitude could start becoming bad business for the family, but, in her defense, she is a kid who had to spend an afternoon under a scorching July sun, in Texas, meeting a whole bunch of strangers who likely pushed and pulled and screamed at the youngster in hopes of getting a selfie or a smile, or, even worse, a hug. All this, while standing next to her soon-to-be supermodel sister who, for reasons unknown, never seems to lose her cool or, more impressively, have a bad hair day.

We can't think of any 16-year-old, or teenager for that matter, who, if put in that scenario, would not be in a mood.

So think about thatTaylor and Savana before tweeting mean things about Kylie to all your friends!