He'd doubling down. After celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (real name Mario Armando Lavandeira) caused a huge stir with his controversial comments about Kylie Jenner's rumored pregnancy with her boyfriend Travis Scott, he's seting the record straight — and he still stands by his opinion that Kylie should have had an abortion.

“I just want to be very clear — I 1,000 percent respect a woman’s right to choose," Perez said. "I am not saying that Kylie Jenner should get an abortion right now, what I said, or what I meant to say, is that if I were her mother, I would’ve told Kylie Jenner to get an abortion when they found out in July. I’m not saying to get an abortion now, I’m not saying, ‘Get an abortion.’ I would never say that to her. I’m not her dad or her mom, but if I were, that’s what I would’ve said. And I would’ve said the same thing to my daughter if she were to get pregnant under similar circumstances.”

When the news first broke, he couldn't help but throw in his two cents. In his first reaction video, he claimed Kylie should have gotten an abortion because she is only 20 years old and expecting a baby with someone she's only been dating for about five months.

“In case you haven’t been paying attention, Kylie Jenner has been dating rapper Travis Scott for um, what, five months, six months? And also a reminder — Kylie Jenner is 19 years old,” Perez said, while incorrectly stating Kylie’s age, since she just turned 20 last month. “I love life, I love babies — if I was Kris Jenner, I would tell that girl to get an abortion."

“Let’s be really real here, people,” he continued. “Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not gonna last, they’re not gonna end up happily ever after, they’re having a baby and they barely know each other.”

Perez — who is a father to a four-year-old son named Mario Armando Lavandeira III and a two-year-old daughter named Mia Alma Lavandeira — went on to explain his reasons for saying Kylie should have had an abortion. He clained that even though having a child at 20 with someone you’ve only been dating for a handful of months might not be the best decision, it would seem to be a good PR move for Kylie because it would overshadow her brother Rob Kardashian and his ex-fiancée, Blac Chyna.

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He also alluded to the fact that Kylie could be getting pregnant in an effort to stay relevant. Perez also said that because of who she is and where she is at this point in her life, Kylie might not be a great mother and she may rely on nannies to raise her child.

Of course, the Internet had a lot to say about Perez's controversial comments. "I'm not even a [Kylie] fan but no man has the right to tell a woman to get an abortion!!! Wow that was very cruel," one fan wrote.