You know how they say that too much of a good thing will eventually become a bad thing? Yeah, well, that doesn’t apply to swimsuit photos of Kylie Jenner. Basically, the newly minted 22-year-old has been posting nonstop snapshots from her European getaway and each one is more stunning than the next!

“Wanderlust,” Kylie captioned the latest sizzling picture on Thursday, August 15. Considering the KUWTK star is posing in front of a gorgeous Mediterranean landscape, it’s pretty remarkable that Kylie still manages to be the center of attention. Then again, can we really be surprised? We mean, come on, just look at that cut-out one piece.

Oh, yeah, and Kylie’s effortless pose, killer abs, glowing skin and flowing hair certainly don’t hurt either. 

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Wanderlust 🌏

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As with everything the makeup mogul posts, her fans went absolutely crazy for the look. “A true goddess if I’ve ever seen one,” one user gushed. “You are perfection,” added another. “OK, OK, OK, I’m starting my diet on Monday and this photo is my motivation,” a third person declared, while a fourth echoed, “it’s not fair how amazing you look.”

Amazing, indeed! The fact that Kylie has been partying it up for days — including lots of wine, cheese and bread — we’re impressed that she’s been able to maintain her figure with literally *zero* bloat. Then again, it’s likely that she and her posse (Sofia RichieAnastasia Karanikolaou and Yris Palmer, to name a few) have a personal trainer with them.

If they don’t, perhaps they’re all just super genetically blessed and we can sit here and cry for the remainder of time. Just kidding … mostly. Anyway, keep the vacation posts coming, Kylie! We’ll never get sick of them. Bible!

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