ICYMI, Kylie Jenner took to James Charles‘ YouTube channel on Oct. 9 to spill some serious tea. She dished on everything from having more babies to the story behind her daughter’s name! One of her more ~shady~ statements, however, was aimed directly at her famous family. 

Of course, James brought up Kylie’s highly publicized Forbes magazine article where the 21-year-old was declared a soon-to-be “self-made billionaire.” While there’s no doubt that Kylie’s net worth is a staggering $900 million, many people have argued that she’s hardly self-made because of the family she was, ahem, born into. Kylie’s response? “I work so hard. I could have been in the position and done it completely differently,” the newly minted mama told James of her Kylie Cosmetics empire. 

Hmmm, we wonder how Kim Kardashian would feel about that little statement. Oh wait, we know exactly how she feels. Shortly after Kylie’s Forbes article hit newsstands, Life & Style learned that Kim was not too pleased about her little sis soaking up the spotlight. “Kim’s putting on a fake front, telling people she’s thrilled for Kylie. But in reality, she’s feeling incredibly bitter that her younger sister is outshining her in every way,” an insider revealed at the time. 

“In Kim’s eyes, the Kardashians would be just another middle-class family from Calabasas if it weren’t for her,” noted the insider. “She takes all the credit for turning them into the most famous reality stars in the world.” Ouch. Just another middle-class family from Calabasas? The horror!

Well, as James said in the video, “Being able to use your own name and likeness in order to build a brand is one of the best talents in the entire world,” and TBH, he’s not wrong, y’all! Keep doing your thing, Kylie. Oh, and please drop that skincare line ASAP. Please and thank you!