Looks like these two are doing better than ever! Kylie Jenner finally confirmed her pregnancy on Sunday, Feb. 4 — the same day she announced the Feb. 1 birth of her baby girl with boyfriend Travis Scott. While fans were frustrated that the couple previously kept their baby news shrouded in mystery, it seems as though there might have been a good reason for Kylie, 20, to check out for nine months.

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, clinical psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Danielle Forshee explains how Kylie’s decision to hide away during her pregnancy could have had a positive impact on her relationship with 25-year-old Travis.

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“Kylie and Travis have a fairly young relationship, and Kylie is young in age. Both factors make their relationship vulnerable to not being able to last. Additionally, being in the spotlight is another very significant factor to creating vulnerability in a relationship not working out,” Dr. Forshee, who does not treat Kylie or Travis, says. “During her pregnancy and taking time away from the spotlight likely buffered their relationship in a positive way, and could result in them getting closer on an emotional level. Taking this time away from the spotlight also likely created a more meaningful and emotional bond between Travis and Kylie.”

According to Dr. Forshee, Kylie has most likely benefitted from her hiatus on an individual level, too. “Kylie taking a lot of personal time away from the public eye is likely a very positive thing for her mental, emotional and psychological growth as an individual,” she tells Life & Style, “as well as for determining how she will transition into motherhood, and the family life.”

Though she shared details of her pregnancy — and never-before-seen baby bump photos! — in a sweet YouTube video posted on Sunday, Kylie isn’t ready to lift the lid entirely off her new life as a mom. One thing she plans on keeping to herself for a little while longer? The moniker she’s chosen for her bundle of joy. “She has a name picked out,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “But has only shared it with a few people.”