Lady Gaga Reveals Her Pre-Show Routine in a Hot Pink Swimsuit
Courtesy of Lady Gaga/Instagram

Is there anything Lady Gaga can’t do? On Thursday, October 18, the “Shallow” singer, 33, took to Instagram to reveal one of her many skill sets. “Pre-show routine: Hard workout and then Galactic laps. Gaga Phelps,” the Haus Labs founder captioned a photo of herself wearing a hot pink swimsuit and matching goggles. 

Likening yourself to possibly the most famous olympian in the world is a pretty bold move and to be honest, we stan. However, there is one *major* thing missing from Gaga’s snapshot — where’s the swimming cap, girl?! To be fair, her pink hair looks divine. 

Speaking of which, Gaga’s body is on point! Clearly, her Phelps-like lifestyle is paying off and her fans totally agree. “Hottest woman alive!” one user gushed. “Legend,” added another. “You look so good, Gaga!” a third user chimed in, while a fourth echoed, “Drown me, Gaga, drown me!” 

Lady Gaga Wearing an Alexander McQueen Dress at the Oscars in 2019
David Fisher/Shutterstock

Of course, the majority of the time, the NYC native isn’t wearing swimming attire. In fact, Gaga is widely regarded as one of the most fashionable women in the world. That said, her style has come a long way since she came onto the scene in the early 2000s.

“I think as she’s grown and matured and really come into her own and you can see — I mean, she talks about how much more confident she’s become as a person — and I think you see that in the way that she’s styling herself as well,” Gaga’s friend and creative designer Kerin Rose Gold told Life & Style.

“I love that she’s always down to take a risk and doesn’t care about current trends but at the same time, has done a really incredible job at going really elegant and really timeless,” Kerin, who has also worked with Katy Perry, Rihanna and J. Lo, continued. 

“She’s done an amazing job at sort of both taking risks and taking a lot of underground fashion and underground creative art and presenting it on a world stage, and she also does an incredible job at being this timeless, glamorous, beautiful woman,” the A-Morir founder added. 

“I think a lot of women have those dualities in us, but we feel like we have to show one or the other and I feel she does both.”

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